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    Launched in 1929, the iconic Shanghai, is a style that redefined men’s footwear. Reissued with an intentionally vintage look, it is true example of artisanal mastery, taking an average of 500 processes to create.
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    Glacè Calf and Nylon Buckle Loafer Black/anthracite

    $ 990


    Country Calf and Glacè Buckle Loafer Burnt

    $ 990


    Country Calf and Glacè Buckle Loafer Black

    $ 990


    Vintage Suede Buckle Loafer Brown

    $ 990


    Polished Binder Derby Black

    $ 990

    Shanghai 12

    Glacè Calf and Nylon Lace-up Boot Black/anthracite

    $ 1,150

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