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    Church’s classics toughened-up with polished metal studs: a beautiful mix of edgy, anti-establishment styling and tried-and-true tradition.
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    Carolyn met. 2

    Calf Leather Moccasin White

    $ 870

    Burwood met

    Polished Binder Oxford Brogue Stud Black

    $ 870

    Polished Binder Oxford Stud White

    $ 850

    Shannon met

    Polished Binder Derby Black

    $ 750

    Rebecca met

    Polished Binder Derby Cherry

    $ 750

    Pembrey met. w

    Polished Fumè Loafer Stud Black

    $ 790

    Carlyn met

    Rois Calf Lace Up Boot Black

    $ 790

    Ketsby met

    Polished Binder Chelsea Boot Stud Black

    $ 890

    Cora met

    Polished Binder Lace-Up Boot Stud Black

    $ 990

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